Jumat, 13 Desember 2013
For help the customers rush, Microsoft give the new innovation for its operating system. They change the start button and menu in Windows 7 than replaced by a series of large ‘Charm Bar’. The operating system called Windows 8 that it’s very different with windows 7.
This recent product microsoft as a new tablet PC will compete Apple iPad, because they have similarities such as controlled marketing tactics. But the application that work in Apple might not work for Microsoft.
This is a ten reasons might hinder corporate adoption of Windows 8. First, loss of control because many of IT people not appriciate with this operating system. Second, excess uncertainty about the working of Windows 8 because people still not yet accepted it with their possibilities. Third, surprise with the different interface and launch time is very short which need more time for influence the peoples. Forth, everything seems different. The change of user interface drastically make uncomfortable to used it. Fifth and sixth, loss of face and concern about competence. Seventh, more works. Because the different of change, people must appropriate with it and it’s need more time to works. Eighth, ripple effects.  Nineth, past resentments from Microsoft is Windows Vista. Tenth, sometimes the threat is real. The other competitor, including Apple, Google Inc., and Amazon.com are going to do something to outdrawn.

That’s possibility make Microsoft must be succeess to promoted the windows 8.

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