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Smoking is a pleasure. In other words, smoking causes addiction in students. Initially, students did not consume tobacco. However, when it was introduced and offered a cigarette, then they will gradually get addicted. So forth until the smoke became a necessity. Children and adolescents who have reached the cigarette like a buffalo matched nose because it is addictive like a drug addiction (cigarettes are also supposed to enter the category of drugs). First-time students are generally not caused by smoking tastes good just like we taste food. But because cigarettes contain chemicals that cause dependence, smoking was finally addicted.

When someone has done something many times and quite often, it will create a pattern repetition of certain behaviors automatically. This is especially true if certain actions carried out in an unpleasant situation, which gives the effect of making someone feel more secure in everyday life and routines. Addicted to cigarettes that occurred in the nerve are as follows.

The brain normally has substances that provide a calming effect and stimulating effect on nerve cells, where these substances work by sticking to receptors of nerve cells. And nicotine has the same effect with these substances to the nerve, when attached to nicotine receptors on nerve cells. 

With the attachment of nicotine on the receptors, the brain produces dopamine. Dopamine is what gives a soothing effect and stimulate other organs, which provide pleasant effects of smoking. However, when nicotine continue to induce the release of dopamine, the brain gradually reduce the production of dopamine when nicotine is not there, and the brain will feel a greater need to nicotine to keep working normally and feel comfortable. 

Addictive or addiction is the term used to describe the effect of habit or addiction is bad for health but the person is hard to leave. 

Thus, addiction including chronic disease caused by dependence on substances causing addiction. Nicotine is a component of tobacco that causes addiction. At first sip, the body immediately responds to nicotine. A to feel relaxed and calmer than before. Sense of calm is a sign of addiction. No smoking causes one to become irritable, impatient, anxious, and other unpleasant symptoms. The more addicted, the more the number of cigarettes (nicotine), the body needs to feel relaxed again.

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