Kamis, 05 April 2012

If I love you because your beauty,
Do not blame me if I switch,
on a more beautiful than you.

If I love you
because treasure,
Do not blame me if I leave you,
where your treasure in my vision began to disappear.

If I love you
because position,
Do not blame me if I choose,
of higher social status than you.

O Fauziah Husnaa my ​​idol hearts,
I would love
because religion,
Do not worry and doubt,
Hopefully I will still be waiting for you,
Presumably this is the best in the sight of my Lord.

Indeed there are better looking than you,
Indeed there are more berharta from you,
Indeed there are more resident than you,
But rest assured everything would have gone swallowed by time.

To me you are the GRACE of the my Creator,
He is leaning
because hearts to receive you,
He is the omniscient and determines all things,
After istikharah but still you are reunited with me.

Be patient waiting time,
because I was waiting like you,
Although a lot of exams to test your heart,
But rest assured it is to strengthen your heart,
All the BEST TIME to come,
Appropriate conditions of the omniscient,
Hopefully will definitely easier.

Ya Rabb ... LOVE the true owner,
If you love to create for her,
Determined her heart, Affirm her faith,
Rigid and stay with hers in the waiting,

If my heart You make to her,
Fill your heart with love for You
Light up the pace with Your light,
I left to guard my love for her,
Absorbed my longin on her longing,
Unpack my love with her love,
Merged my life and her life in Thy love ..
Aamiin ya Rabb ..

Fauziah Husnaa

Masih perlu banyak belajar. Belajar apa saja. Hampir selesai KKN-PPL dan sedang akan mengajukan judul skripsi. Sangat suka dengan desain dan kartun... Masih aktif sebagai mahasiswi Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta.

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  1. Assalamu'alaikum
    tulisannya menarik juga, kalo menyukai orang dengan "ada apanya" bukan "apa adanya" pasti tidak tulus, dan pasti hubungannya menjadi tidak baik. hehe maaf kalo komentarnya ngaco.

    mampir yuk, ada event blogger


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